Client former name: Motta Focus, located in México City
New Name: Thinko
Naming and Branding
Thinko, formerly MottaFocus, is a company devoted to studying the business market and political climate in Mexico City. Thinko prides itself in supplying the answer to the question: How does the target market think?
Its services include providing and political economic analysis and information to the corporate sector and public opinion and market research firms. Thinko also provides training workshops in political communication and public affairs. Thinko knows how to study the consumer market with respect to any commercial product; and its political consultancy practice provides guidance to candidates for public office as well as to national and international leaders in the field of public affairs. Always imagining outside of the box, Thinko takes the pulse of perspectives and trends first hand in order to support the client’s decision-making process, while focusing the efforts of groups to achieve shared goals.
Naming rationale:
Currently, brand Owner Alejandro Motta operates an agency known as MottaFocus, which specializes in market analysis and political and corporate communication. 
We recommended renaming the consultancy, because this name does little to convey the nature of the business, which is to provide political and economic analysis and information to the corporate sector, public opinion firms and market research agencies, as well as leading training workshops for executive professionals in political communication and public affairs.
Unfortunately, the term mota, a homonym of Motta, the owner’s surname, is Spanish-language slang for marijuana, a connotation we prefer to avoid.
The consultancy’s corporate image also needs revamping and updating in terms of both online and in situ services, while ensuring the firm resides effortlessly in the mind of the target, projecting the character of gravitas, professionalism, intellect, excellence, exclusivity and understated sophistication.
In light of these consideration, we opted for the name Thinko, a name that brings together several fortunate features:  
It rolls off the tongue with ease 
It rings clearly and is easily uttered in almost any language.
It is original, hard to forget, conveying the right amount of professional gravitas
Our client needed a logo projecting the attributes of Leadership, Knowledge and Thoughtfulness before its several target markets and audiences.  The logo is called upon to connote clear objectives and focus, tailor-made services, methodological rigor, in-depth research and the overall quality of services.
Psychologically, indeed historically, the color purple is associated with nobility, leadership, luxury, magic and spirituality. It invites one to connect with the inner self and stimulates creativity, even as it evokes royal dignity. Other connotations of purple are prosperity, flamboyance, determination, passion and ambition.

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