Orégano y Maíz

2019 Silver award for best branding
Client: Oregano y Maíz
Our task involved: Naming and Slogan development, Branding and Web Page desig
People and families in the Metepec area looking for quality dining and homemade food largely for carry out. Clean, hig-quality, tastefully-seasoned food at a fair price delivered to the customer’s door.
Naming Rationale: 
Of the several names proposed, we selected Oregano y Maíz (Oregano and Maize), the two major ingredients in traditional Mexican Pozole. Maize is a staple in a wide variety of Mexican dishes and provides the basis of Pozole, combining deliciously with aromatic oregano.
Slogan Rationale:
Pozole desde la raíz (pozole from the root) 
The slogan evokes excellent quality, preservative-free products harvested from the earth, taken directly to the kitchen and from there to the table. The perfect complement, healthy, organic, aromatic oregano stimulates the imagination, bringing to mind traditional Mexican cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This restaurant does not sell frozen food and everything is prepared in the moment.
Logo Rationale:
The logo uses an exclusive, custom-designed typeface in conjunction with a simple isotype of an ear of corn over a fan of radiant beams.
Thanks to the efforts of the client and Asterizco Publicidad, the restaurant has been operating at full capacity from the day it opened five months ago. On the strength of this success, the owners expect to open other branches very soon.

Thank you!