Our approach to this client entailed:​​​​​​​
DNA, Mission, Vision & Values, Story Telling, Naming, Slogan & Branding.
About the client: 
The story of so many ice cream makers in Mexico seems to start with someone’s grandmother. 
In 1977, the company’s founder was making only lemon sorbets, but soon added vanilla ice cream.
The new branding  communicates the legacy of women in the family, while also
projecting the image of export-quality, gourmet ice creams based on a family recipe and produced using traditional know-how.
Mexican families and people seeking boutique-quality items of high quality that offer both elegant aesthetics and consistent flavor. 
Awareness of natural ingredients. 
The Name: 
ÉLA is a name lending itself to clear, open and sonorous enunciation. It is easy to remember and does not offer itself to diminutives. Etymology: From Hebrew: She who is made of oak. ÉLA is a name associated with strong, ambitious women, who nonetheless can be kind and generous, never hesitating to offer all imaginable support to causes they believe are just and that serve the common welfare. In mythology the oak tree is frequently associated with divinity.  
Moreover, it is easy to pronounce in any language and can easily be internationalized. It is comprised of two syllables, which happily echo the first two syllables of the Spanish word for ice cream: helado.
The Slogan: 
In contrast to our industrial, digitalized world, this brand exudes the sensitivity of the human heart, telling a personal story of values, passion and a purposeful life. Purpose driven businesses can often achieve a cherished place in the lives of consumers, leading to abiding loyalty and a sense of belonging and identification with the brand.  
From our home to your palate. 
The Logo: 
The logo is made up of uppercase letters É, L and A.
The type face is an exclusive, custom design for our client.  The slogan is encompassed in the primary company logo.

Thank you!

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