Dorotea's previous branding was cluttered with too many elements and lacked variations in the logo, making it monotonous and hard to read. After a discussion with the brand owners to understand their interests and the needs of their target market, we set out to elevate Dorotea into a brand of higher quality and prestige. 
Our goal was to appeal to individuals who want to make a statement at events with a special touch or an exceptional gift, such as a cake, cookies, or pastries.
Key Elements of the New Branding:
Logo Redesign:
Introduced multiple logo variations to enhance versatility and ensure readability across different mediums.
Simplified the Logo to focus on elegance and sophistication.
Color Palette:
Developed a refined color palette inspired by the luxurious tones of the Marie Antoinette era, including soft pastels and rich golds.
Ensured the colors evoke a sense of prestige and exclusivity.
Selected classic, ornate fonts that reflect the historical and elegant theme.
Ensured readability and consistency across all brand materials.
Visual Elements:
Incorporated ornamental designs and organic shapes reminiscent of French bourgeoisie and royalty.
Used high-quality imagery that showcases the craftsmanship and premium ingredients of Dorotea’s products.
Designed exquisite packaging that highlights the brand’s commitment to quality and detail.
Used eco-friendly, high-quality materials to reflect the organic nature of the ingredients.
Brand Messaging:
Crafted messaging that emphasizes the exclusivity, quality, and meaningful nature of Dorotea’s offerings.
Highlighted the prestige associated with bringing a Dorotea dessert to an event.
Catering Services:
Promoted Dorotea's exclusive catering services, showcasing their ability to add a touch of elegance to any event.
Emphasized the use of premium, organic ingredients in all their offerings.
Future Expansion:
As a second phase, Dorotea's plan is to expand the brand into Event Halls. 
This will include:
Designing event spaces that reflect the same luxurious and detailed aesthetic of the brand.
Offering bespoke event planning services that align with Dorotea’s commitment to quality and exclusivity.
With this comprehensive rebranding, Dorotea is set to become synonymous with prestige, quality, and unforgettable experiences.
                                                           Former Logo

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