Client: Addvantit
Service: Naming, Slogan, and Branding
Addvantit is a business and software solutions firm located in Monterrey, Mexico. It did not have a business name, slogan, or logo when it contacted us.
As a spinoff of Axentit, it needed its own naming, slogan, and branding to provide a foundation for building an identity in a market that includes several capable companies offering the same services. As such, the logo must stand out from the crowd while faithfully conveying the company’s business offering.   
How does our target think?

The company’s targets wish to identify with a brand they can trust to provide personalized attention at a fair price.
The brand should project a sense of vision and values as well as significant differentiated advantages, and the promise of optimum performance one would expect from a company plugged into today’s world.

What do the company´s customers see in our branding?
The Brand offers a software solution tailored to the client’s requirements.
Attention is personalized, humane, and responsive to the needs of the client.
An avant-garde, highly evolved company.
The Brand speaks of a company that provides professional, personalized attention to all its clients.

Thank you!