Rebranding of Imontserrat
imontserrat is a Mexican company
founded in Mexico City, in 1992.
Montserrat, is the highest point of the Catalan lands, and with an ideal location to play an important role, it is the birthplace of the engineer Pérez Manauta, its founder.
Industrias Montserrat is a family business that has been developing in the air conditioning specialty for nearly thirty years.
Slogan creation
" We are responsible for the air you breathe"
• The new slogan is easy to understand and remember
• Refers to air quality
• Gives a sense of trust by the company
• Provides security throughout the process: Development, Installation,
  Supervision and Maintenance
• We have avant-garde and innovative techniques that guarantee clean air
The new logo
The new logo is made up of three mountain peaks with a circle located above
from the central peak.
The peaks on the far left and right form the letter M for Montserrat.
While the middle peak symbolizes the letter i.
The middle circle also alludes to a halo, which can be seen in the
images of the virgin of Montserrat.
You can also see three triangles representing the Holy Trinity (In the catholic religion)
Thank you!

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