Arbano Mexicano
Naming, Slogan and Branding
Client: Arbano Mexicano Restaurant.
People looking for an outstanding place to eat in the area, with an average ticket of between 10 to 20 dollars. Office workers who wish to have a hearty lunch and return to work quickly. People who recognize the Kosher seal guaranteeing processing quality.
What differentiates this tacos brand from the rest?
• Kosher Quality Seal
• Dishes and cutlery are disposable
• Fair pricing
• Trust
• Quality
• Service
• Ambiance
The Naming (Arbanos Mexicanos) and Slogan (unidos por los tacos) arise from the idea of the similarity between Mexican and Eastern Mediterranean tacos, united in a culinary brotherhood and on a mission to offer customers the exquisite seasonings and flavors from these two worlds of rich gastronomy.
 ‘Arbano’ is a mispronunciation of hermano (brother), alluding to the amusing mispronunciation of the Spanish language by many beloved middle eastern immigrants to Mexico, who excelled in the golden age show business, especially as comedians.  This playful name, which moreover is fun to say, sets the tone for a convivial, hearty meal away from office stress.